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Get Paid to Try Out a Great Account

I opened my ING account two years ago and I absolutely love it. Here’s your chance to try ING out and earn $25 FREE MONEY.

The Offer:

When you open an account with an initial deposit of $250 or more your account will be credited with $25 and mine will be credited with $10 from ING Direct. Once you open an account you will be able to refer people and earn bonuses as well.

My account was credited with the $25 before my initial $250 deposit was even transferred from my brick and mortar bank. 


~No Minimum Balances
~No Fees
~No need to change banks, accounts can be linked
~Account can be opened online in less than 5 minutes

The interest rates at ING Direct are much better than my brick and mortar bank. ING Orange Savings account pay a variable 1.85% Annual Percentage Yield.

Investigate ING Direct and if you find that you’d like to earn and instant 10% on your investment leave me a comment with your email address and I will send you a referral code.

I only have 5 referral codes left. To get one send me your name and email address to scentreprenuer@aol.com

These referral codes can only be used once and expire 30 days after being emailed. Please read the terms/conditions so you understand the stipulations.

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