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Make Earning Swag Bucks Easy

Want to earn SwagBucks faster than ever? Add SwagBucks to your search box or download the SwagBucks tool bar HERE.

Add Swag Bucks to your current toolbar

1. Click on you VIEW

2. Scroll down to TOOLBARS

3. Scroll down to CUSTOMIZE

4. Find and click on ADD NEW TOOL BAR
Your new toolbar will appear beside your current address box

5. Click on the the drop down box.

7. If Swag Bucks is already listed simply move it to the top of the list if it’s not listed click on GET MORE SEARCH ENGINES

8. Search for Swag Bucks and add it.
Now whenever you need to search the internet use your new tool bar. The more you search with Swag Bucks the more you win.

Not signed up with SwagBucks yet? Click here, open a FREE account and get 30 swagbucks instantly.

With Swag Bucks you’ll earn points while you search the web. Trade them for gift cards and prizes.

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