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Open an Account & Get $25 FREE CASH!


This deal will end tomorrow (12/15) has been extended until Dec. 18th, and I gotta tell ya, that I was searching for some more children to set up an account for. My hubby and I set up an account for each of our (4) children using $25 per account or $100 total. We ended up earning $250 in cash for our children’s new college funds from all of the bonuses below. It is so easy there is no reason not to do it. You’ll earn a beneficial account for your children which could be tax deductible for you.

Here are the details.

$25 Free
  • $25 Bonus for opening a new College Advantage 529
  • Must open with a deposit of $25
  • Must enter referral number. Send your name and email address to thewifeathome@gmail.com
  • $25 will be invested in your College Advantage account
  • Do NOT need to be an Ohio resident.
  • Expires December 15th, 2009
This is an awesome promotion that I learned about from Carrie. After reading through the terms and conditions I set up my first account. I now have 4 accounts, one for each of my children, which have earned me $250.00

You can set up accounts for your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. It is not limited to just your own children.
How Did You Earn $250.00 for Opening Four Accounts?

$50 Bonus for Refer a Friend

The best part, once you set your account up you also have a Refer a Friend program with College Advantage, too. This means, for every person you refer, you will get a $50 bonus!

Once your first deposit clears, send emails out to all your friend and post it on Facebook or Twitter for all of your friends and followers.

You now have the potential to make $50 and help your friends begin saving for college, too!
And, at the same time, you have the peace of mind knowing you are helping your friends save!!

$25 Bonus for Systematic Savings

Finally, if you are a current member or a new member, sign up for the automatic savings program. Here are the details:
  • Must enroll by January 31, 2010
  • Minimum of $25 be deposited via EFT from bank or payroll deduction from employer each time
  • For EFT, a minimum of 3 pulls must have happened in 90 days
  • For payroll deduction, at least one check must have been applied during the 90 days
  • EFT and payroll deduction must still be active at the 90 day mark when they issue your bonus

Want to get started with your free $25 Sign on Bonus with College Advantage? Send me an email to thewifeathome@gmail.com with your name. That’s it!

I will then send you an email with a referral link.

After setting up your account, consider setting up your systematic savings for an additional $25 and begin referring your friends!

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