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Shopping Multiple Stores

I visit at least 3 stores for all of my families grocery needs, however shopping multiple stores can be stressful without a solid plan. Here is the rundown on how it works for me.

The first that I do is gather all of my sale papers, a pad (I like to use legal pad since it is very long), a pencil, calculator your menu and coupons. First, I compile a list of items that I need for the weeks groceries. Next I check my cabinets to see what I already have, I then begin crossing these items off of my list. I call this shopping in the pantry.

Now that my list is narrowed down I look through the circulars first observing for items that correlate to my menu and then for stock up sales. Beside each grocery item I make a notation of the store where I will purchase the item. My core grocery store is Aldi so most of my grocery items will have an (A) beside it. I do however look to see if any of the other stores are offering the grocery item for less than Aldi’s price. (W) would be for Walmart, (K) Kroger, so forth and so on.

Below is a small sample of how my list would look. The number in the first column is the quantity and the last number is my total cost for that quantity.

Menu Items

(1) Rice (.99) ~A
(8) Tomato Paste ($1.60) ~A
(10 lbs) Potatoes ($4.99) ~W
(2) Orange Juice ($2.38) ~A

Stock Up Sales


Pasta Sauce .99 (use .25 off coupon)

Food Lion

Peanut Butter 2/$3

Crest toothpaste $1.99 (free after rebate)…use .75 off coupon

Once my list is complete, I separate my grocery money and coupons into separate small white envelopes. One envelope is labeled ‘Menu Items’. This envelope corresponds with my main grocery list. Then I create additional envelopes with the name of each of the ‘Stock Up Sale’ stores written on the front. This ensures that I have everything organized when I visit each store.

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