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The Essence of Hospitality

I have been reading articles as of late in an effort to discern the true meaning of biblical hospitality. I cannot say for you what it will be for your family but I would like to share what it is for mine.

I had adopted the belief that hospitality was open to a select group of people. It was only those who had an MBA in interior design or those who had attended a culinary arts academy that were qualified to be hospitable. In my mind the hospitality club was a membership only club….

…and I was not a member.

Where had I gotten this idea?

For one, my home didn’t resemble the ones on HGTV that were beautifully decorated, color coordinated and organized. Somewhere in my life I had allowed the media to set the standard for me regarding what a hospitable home looked like. I had later come to realize that beautiful decor has nothing to do with true hospitality.

Scripture gives us an excellent example of how it is more about motive than it is about motif when it comes to being hospitable. The desire to provide rest, fellowship, comfort and service to guests in your home should be our most earnest desire.

Hospitality is about sharing ourselves without an expectation of reward. Being hospitable gives us a chance to;

  • fellowship with friends
  • build relationships and new friendships
  • share the Gospel with an unbeliever in our speech and actions

There is a great joy associated with opening your home for fellowship. It need not be a stressful event. Begin by taking pride in your home. If there is something about it that you do not like, correct it. Keep a running list of major and minor home improvements. As you check them off…you will get you closer to looking at your home with pride. Your home was not meant to be a secret prison in which no visitors are allowed.

The standard of a hospitable home is not what you find on HGTV. It is the love that goes into preparing a good meal. It is the time that’ given to a good conversation. It is simply offering an invitation to fellowship.

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  1. GritsGirl says:

    Thank you definatly an area I need and want to work on! Great Post!!


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