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4 Tips to get companies to pay for things you want

Once we became a one income family I quickly realized that I had to make some drastic changes in the way I managed and spent our money. I realized that one income stretched at lot less farther than two. I also realized that after the needs were taken care of, that their wasn’t always room for many of our wants.

Well I’ve learned some secrets over time that have helped us stretch our income and I will share with you some tips that help me get the things for my family that we need and some of the things we want.

Tip 1~ SWAG BUCKS : If you use the computer at all…then you should be signed up for Swagbucks. Swagbucks allows you to earn reward points that can be cashed in for retail gift cards, prizes such as I-pods and Xbox or PS3. Your reward points can even be traded in for cash money. Swagbucks reward points are earned in two ways. You can earn reward points by using the Swagbucks search engine powered by Google and by looking out for swag codes that are worth points. I have already purchased gifts using Swagbucks and even paid for my children’s school books for next school year.

Tip 2~ SHOP AT HOME : This is a rebate company that pays you dividends every time you shop using your Shop At Home account. To start off they pay you $5 cash back on your first purchase. There is no minimum purchase amount, so if you decided to buy and item at $5 or less, that item would be FREE. On all future purchases Shop At Home will pay you a cash back percentage of all qualifying purchases.

Tip 3~ COUPONS : Just about every company theses days are producing discount coupons for their products. With all of the available resources that publish weekly deals the ability to save money is accessible to everyone. From time to time companies such as Home Made Simple and Free Fly’s will even distribute coupons for FREE products. These offers are usually sent out to consumers who are subscribed to their site or newsletter.

Tip 4~ REVIEW PROGRAMS : Companies like the General Mills Pssts, Expo/Trilogy and the Viewpoints program love to send FREE products to consumers in exchange for a review of the product. These programs are open to bloggers and non-bloggers. You can get Free full size hygiene products, food and even electronics.

There are lot’s of other tips I use as well such as getting banks to contribute to my children’s college fund and my savings accounts. Using one or all of these tips will result in less money coming out of your budget and more money freed up for other priorities.

Do you have some tips? Come and share them with the rest of our readers HERE.

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