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Survey Spot Pays Big! Check Your Email for a $75 Focus Group Offer

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time you already know that I take surveys which earn me cash and rewards like gift cards. If you would have told me three years ago that I’d been getting paid to take surveys I would have laughed in your face. But lo’ and behold here I am earning close to $200 a month from surveys sites and market research companies.

If you are new to taking surveys and want to learn more START HERE. If you already take surveys and are looking for a new company to join today I want to tell you about Survey Spot. I have been signed to Survey Spot since 2008 and had it just lingering around. I hadn’t really been taking any of the surveys because I was already signed to some other sites that I felt more deserving of my attention. It wasn’t until my daughter started reviewing some of my survey accounts, updating my profiles and such that I started to really take an interest in Survey Spot.

I’ve been giving more attention to Survey Spot and am so glad that I did. Just recently I received a survey from them that resulted in participating in a 75 minute focus group. The compensation was $75 (or $1 a minute). The survey ended up taking only 30 or so minutes, plus it was an interesting topic. Are you already signed to Survey Spot? Keep an eye on your inbox for a 1500 point ($15) survey which will result in an additional 6,000 points ($60) if you qualify. For those of you who are not already registered with Survey Spot here are some details below.

Survey Spot

Pays in cash

You need 1000 ($10) or more points to receive a check or Paypal payment

Surveys Average 5 to 13 minutes

If you take an average of just 5 to 6 Survey Spot surveys a week you can easily earn $10 a week. That’s around $2 per survey and the average survey is about 15 minutes. Every time a new survey is available you’ll receive and email like the one below.

It’s easy to keep track of the surveys you’ve taken with just a small notebook. If you are looking for a great survey company to join, I highly recommend Survey Spot. Click HERE to join.

One survey company alone won’t generate nearly enough money to make and impact on your finances, but when you have multiple survey offers you create multiple streams of income. To see what survey companies I recommend GO HERE. Once you register with any survey company you will need to look for a confirmation email from the company to finalize your registration.


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2 thoughts on “Survey Spot Pays Big! Check Your Email for a $75 Focus Group Offer

  1. ive been trying to get paid and i always have troubles please help


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Are you having trouble qualifying for the surveys?


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