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Get a $25 Cash Bonus from ING for New Accounts

One of my favorite online banks is the ING Electric Orange. When you open a new ING Electric Orange checking account you can earn $25.

In order to qualify for the bonus, you have to:

  • Open a new checking account
  • Deposit $250
  • Receive your $25 bonus deposited to your account on day 30

Although this is not a sponsored post I will disclose that I do have several accounts with ING and I earn a $10 bonus in my account for each referral. The $10 is paid directly from ING and is not connected with your account or deposit.

I opened several accounts with them over that past two years  specifically because of the $25 bonus. Each time the offer was available, I opened an account for myself and for my husband. It does require a $250 beginning balance to earn the $25.  If you already have a savings account this would be a great way to use a portion of that to earn an easy 10% return. This offer is very straight forward, however like with any deal be sure to read all of the terms and conditions.

Are you ready to make $25.00?

Just contact me with your name and I will send you a referral link. Please include “ING$25” in the subject line. Referral links are only good for 30 days. $25 bonus is only credited to accounts that open a new account and fund it with new money (money not already in an ING account). Bonus will not be credited to accounts that are not referred by a current member.

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