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Maximizing Your Savings: It’s Not Just About Groceries

I’m always talking about saving money because I equate saving money with making money. The less we spend on the items, the more money we keep in our budget. To help me reinforce this concept, I’ve invited my friend Christina to share some ideas on saving money in other areas aside from groceries.

Christina blogs at Centsible Savings and shares coupons, freebies, store deals, and ways she saves money in all areas of life with her readers. She recently has been inspired to bring budget shopping and living into their home as she has started tackling “Do-It-Yourself” projects and sharing them in her “Décor on a Dime” series.

Christina says;

Once you start saving money on food and household needs you will most likely wonder how you can save on many other things that you must buy such as clothes, household goods (linens, towels, etc.), and electronics.

Here are a few ideas she’s shared to help you save on those things

1. Shop the sales.

So you have learned to watch the sales for food and you know that it follows a cycle.  The best way to save on your groceries is also the best way to save on clothes and other items – never buy anything at full price.  I browse the sales ads and watch for sales on the things that I need.  Most stores will put clothing/household goods on sale quite frequently.  And the sales can vary – sometimes the item can be at 40% off, then at 60% off, and then back to 50%.  I recently watched the price of a clothing item at Kohl’s – within a 2 week time frame this skirt (regular price of $39.99) was on sale for $17.99, $19.99, and $24.99.  Just by buying it at the lowest sale price, I would have saved $7.00 off the highest sale price and $22.00 off the regular price!

2. If you see something at a lower price than what you bought it for in the last 7-14 days, ask if the store has a price adjustment policy.

In the above scenario with the skirt at Kohl’s, I had bought the skirt at the $24.99 price and then saw it the next week at $17.99.  Fortunately, Kohl’s has a price adjustment policy and I had my receipt with me (you don’t need the item with you, just the receipt).  I went to customer service and they gave me back the difference!

3.  Shop the clearance racks.

When I shop, I head straight for the clearance racks because you can get the greatest discounts on the clearance racks.  And because most stores change their clothes out for the next season very early (spring clothes come out in late January and fall clothes come out in July/August!) you can buy in season clothes on clearance.

4.  Do price comparison/price matching.

A lot of the big stores (Wal-mart, Target, Staples, Office Depot, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.) will do price matching.  If you see the same item at another store for less, that store will match the lower price.  Some stores go as far as to match the price AND give you 10% more off!  With technology today, it only takes a few minutes to price match a certain item at a handful stores online.  Then if you prefer to shop at a certain store or have a gift card, etc. for a certain store – go to that store and get them to price match the lowest price.

5. Sign up for store ads by email.

You will see myself and other bloggers promote some of these such as the Home Depot weekly ad emails.  Many times once you are on the email list, you not only will catch unadvertised, quick sales that you wouldn’t have seen in the weekly paper ad, but many stores will send out coupons for a % off or even $/$$ purchase coupons.

6. Sign up for store loyalty cards.

Just as you have your CVS Extracard and your Kroger plus card, many department and outlet stores offer cards such as these.  Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Staples Rewards card, Hallmark Gold Crown card.  All of these cards are not credit cards but store promotion cards.  Some of then calculate your spending and send you coupons once you reach a certain level and many of these also will send you coupons in the mail or by email throughout the year.

7. Shop at consignment sales, yard sales, or thrift stores.

You can find great deals, especially on clothes, by buying secondhand.  I have bought a good portion of my clothes at Goodwill.  Our area also has huge kids clothes consignment sales twice a year.  You can spend $40-50 for a huge garbage bag full of very gently used kids clothes!  You could even sell clothes and toys that your kids have outgrown as a consignor in the sale and make back the money you spent!  Most yard sales will sell kids clothes for $0.25-1.00 each.

You don’t need to pay full price for clothes, toys, household goods, and electronics.  There are many ways you can save on these items too!  These are just a few – share your favorite ways to save in a comment.

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