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Soft Scrub Total Kitchen Cleaner Takes On My Grime

You all know how much I enjoy receiving free full size products to test and review, so when Soft Scrub sent me a bottle of their new Total Kitchen cleaner, I was excited about the challenge.

I started off by cleaning the sink and counters, and since those areas are wiped several times a day the Total Kitchen Cleaner tackled the job with ease.

Next I moved onto cleaning the cabinet doors. This was a bit more challenging because I only wipe the doors bi-weekly. The cabinet doors attract dust, grit and grime but the The Total Kitchen Cleaner did a fantastic job of cleaning them up with just a few wipes.

So far I was impressed with the and results and by this time the kitchen was smelling deliciously lemony. I was equally impressed with the spray or foam nozzle feature. This feature is unlike the old twist for spray nozzles. As stated in the Soft Scrub site, “The patented trigger allows you to easily switch from a fine mist to a thick foam and even sprays upside down.” The patented flippable cap can add a screen over the nozzle opening to create foam or be pulled away from the nozzle opening and fastened in place to use the spray feature.

Thus far the Total Kitchen Cleaner had not demonstrated any far superior cleaning abilities above any other products in my cleaning closet. So in order to put Soft Scrub to the test I decided to test it on the grimiest areas of my kitchen.

After doing a quick sweep to get up the crumbs, I used the Total Kitchen Cleaner to wipe the front.

A big difference already.

Even grime had somehow made it to the very back stove around the plug.

It was a yucky mess ya’ll, but after it was all said and done, the stove turned out sparkly and clean.

I was very pleased with how much I was able to get cleaned in such a short period of time that I went on the clean the trash can, refrigerator and kitchen walls. The Soft Scrub Total Kitchen Clean i a good investment. It delivers what it promises and it can clean a kitchen from top to bottom. The kitchen cleaner is regularly priced at $2.50 when on sale. With this $1.00 off any Soft Scrub Total product coupon you can get a bottle for less than two bucks.

*As a Soft Scrub Club Captain I received my bottle free for review. My opinion is 100% my own and was not influenced.

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