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An Overdue Financial Checkup Could Be Wrecking Your Finances

A recent article in the latest College Advantage newsletter combined with my recent debt freedom series is what prompted me to expand on the idea of conducting periodic financial checkups.

One of the key elements of maintaining the health of your finances is to conduct periodic reviews of your budget and accounts. My husband and I divide up the financially responsibilities based on our strengths. While he manages all of our short-term obligations, I manage the long term. Regardless of who manages what, it is important to know what is going on with your money. Checking short-term and long term accounts regularly will allow you to track progress, foresee errors and correct problems before they arise. Read more


I’ve shared this post “An Overdue Financial Checkup Could Be Wrecking Your Finances“, in it’s entirety over at Mrs.MoneySaver.com. Click Here to read more.

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