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So You Want to Get FREE Products to Review. Start Here!

Most small bloggers don’t have PR people beating down their doors throwing FREE products at them. Some of us are still trying to figure out how some blogger have gotten the opportunity to review products like laptops and iphones. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, I can share with you what has worked for me. Not only will I share how to get started, but I’ll also provide you with direct links to some companies who are waiting for you to review and giveaway their products.

The first thing to consider is “What are companies looking for in a blogger?” Most companies are looking for blogger with a high number or subscribers, Twitter followers and or Facebook fans. But that’s not the only thing companies look at. They other thing that is important to companies is influence.

What is influence? Influence is your ability to get people to do something. When your readers perform an action based on your recommendation it shows that they trust your opinion. Influence is not something to be taken lightly. As you begin to receive FREE products there will be some that will warrant a negative review. When this time comes you may become tempted to provide a positive review to ensure that you continue to receive FREE products.  This is what I would call PIMPING your readers or using them to maintain something of benefit. It is misleading and not fair to your readers to do this. Before you began accepting products, I’d admonish you to draw up a personal code of ethics which includes this rule –Always provide honest reviews whether positive or negative.

Enough lecturing….Now, how do I get the products? The simplest way to get the products that you want to review is by contacting the company directly. This can begin by visiting the companies website to locate their Public Relations contact information. Once you’ve located that contact information of the person you should contact it’s time to construct an email. The email should include the following:

1- your name

2- the name of your blog including a link

3- a contact number

4- a summary of your blog niche

5- tell them what you’d like to review and why (how will you promote their product)

6- a summary of who your audience is and who you derived the information

7- willingness to provide a media kit upon request

A great company to contact for a FREE review product is Tropical Traditions.

I don’t have time to email individual companies. Is there an easier way? For those who are not ready to contact individual companies there are companies that work as a middle man to bring bloggers together with companies offering products. Many of the companies require that you set up an account. Some of these companies will pay you for doing a review of a product or service you are already familiar with. Other companies will not pay you cash but will consider the item they send you to be your compensation. Whether you are paid in cash or merchandise both of these must be reported on your taxes.

Here are a few to get you started:
MamaBzz– Family friendly products to review
Book Sneeze – Review books on your blog and on Amazon.com
Social Spark – Review various products for cash

Which ever route you decide to go be sure to do your research and have fun.
What other companies could be added to this list?
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