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The Organized Blogger…From Paper to Post

I won’t pretend to speak as though I am an authority on this subject of being an organized blogger but I will share with you what works for me. I will share three strategies that work to keep me focused and organized in getting my vision for this site from inside my mind, and onto paper and finally published here.

These strategies will help you carve out time to write, edit and bring your ideas to post stress free.

An Idea Journal:

In order to keep track of ideas for future posts try using  what we will call an idea journal. An idea journal is simply a notebook where you jot down general ideas for future post or topics. It’s also where you will write out and edit your rough drafts.  Because I can’t type I use my Palm Pilot as my idea journal. It’s my electronic idea journal. Using an electronic device will save you the trouble having to write the draft in your journal and then typing it into blog or WordPress dashboard. With the palm l am able to write my posts and just upload it to my computer for editing.

An Editorial Calendar:

….has been the single most  helpful resource in keeping me focused on my blog goals. My calendar allows me to view current,  reoccurring,  scheduled and future blog related projects all in on place.

Some bloggers like to use Google calendar however l prefer a good old fashioned desk or wall calendar. For you it will be so easy to begin an editorial calendar. First you’ll need a  virtual or paper calendar. Begin filling it in all of your reoccurring post. Reoccuring posts are posts topics or categories that are posted more than once per month.  This would include weekly deals posts blog carnivals memes etc.

For example on my calendar you would see publix match~ups written in on every Tuesday and Publix penny item written in for every Wednesday.

If you don’t have reoccurring posts that’s fine. Next we want to begin plugging in the titles of any completed posts from our idea  journal. As you can see from your calendar that you are creating a 30 day visual road map for your blog.

Filling in the blanks:

Now that you started your editorial calendar you’ll want to keep it going. The only way for that to happen is to keep writing. Keep your idea journal nearby so when an idea for a post comes to mind you can begin writing it or at the very least take some notes.

Whether your goal is to have a new post ready to publish day or just several times a month, using an idea journal and an editorial calendar will help to organize your blogging schedule.

This is in a nutshell the steps I use to make sure that blogging doesn’t become overwhelming. When you’re overwhelmed, your readers will be able to sense it. If there is a particular question not answered in this post, leave me a comment and I’ll try and address your concern.

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