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Using Your Garden Foliage: Yarrow Tea & Yarrow Pepper

Yarrow is a medicinal plant that can used to aid in the treatment of menstrual cramps and constipation. It’s flowers, leaves and stems can be used in recipes to act as an anti-inflammatory, astringent, insect repellent, expectorant, antibacterial and even an antiperspirant.

Its taken two years for my Yarrow plants to flower and I thought it would be fun to share with you the process of making Yarrow tea and dried herbs.

Yarrow Flowers

1 cup of clipped Yarrow flowers to be steeped for medicinal tea.

Yarrow leaves steeping in hot water. I placed a  salad plate  on top of the yarrow to hold it down under the boiling water.

Yarrow leaves offer a peppery herb flavor to foods. It can be sauteed like spinach or dehydrated for a dried peppery herb.

Yarrow leaves ready for the oven.

The remaining Yarrow stem stimulates decomposition and will be added to my compost bin.

I didn’t share any pictures of the tea or the herbs…..because I forgot to takes some.

MY EXPERIENCE: The Yarrow tea  (the tea is bitter) did help with menstrual cramps and it does stimulate bowel movement. I would not suggest having a cup of Yarrow tea before leaving home :o)

The dried Yarrow taste delicious in gravy’s, soups and as a seasoning on meat. I have been using the Yarrow in place of black pepper.

COST: A pack of Yarrow seed can be purchased for around .98¢ at Walmart. One pack can yield multiple plants over many years.

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