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What Makes A Positive Home?

Some might say having happy children and a happy husband. While that does help, what REALLY makes a happy and comfortable home? YOU! You, the mom, the home engineer as I like to call myself are what keeps the home running. Sure you have help here and there, but you are the core. You decide what happens, when it happens, where it is going to happen, and how it will happen. You are the core to a happy home. So many people disagree when I say that. But the truth is, it’s you that decides how the day, the mood, and the home will go.

There are several things that play into making a positive home. I’d like to spend a few moments on each.

Have A Plan:

Really – having a set schedule that you go by really helps all members of the family and it sets the mood for your day. People (even children and babies) crave structure. They want to know what is happening next. Some of the most confused families wonder why they just can’t get it together – well, they don’t have a schedule. They wake up when they want to, they go to bed when they want to, they stay inside and play video games all day, etc. With everything in life, when there is no schedule, there is confusion. And that goes for families as well. And when there is a confused family, there comes frustration, and anger.

Be Positive In Everything You Do:

Yes, its o.k. to have a down day and vent about things. But for a general rule, be positive. Wake up, have some time for yourself before getting the family together and ready for the day. Use positive reinforcement as a parenting technique. When your child or even older child does something you like, approve of, and are happy with, praise them. We all loved to be praised! We want to do more good things when we hear from someone how happy they are with us. And that goes for children as well. Make a reward system (age appropriate depending on your child’s age). Don’t be Debbie Downer – you are teaching your children it’s ok to be grouchy and negative. Others love to be around those who are positive.

Keep A Clean Home:

No, it doesn’t have to be spotless, but make it organized, clean, and livable. When a home isn’t livable, people tend to be grouchy and then become negative which leads to a negative home atmosphere. Have a daily chores list. That way you aren’t overwhelmed on your given cleaning day and your house stays picked up.

Surround Yourself With Good Friends:

Yes, even mommies need good, close friends who can lift them up. It’s good to take a break from being “The Home Engineer” and be you! Have girls night out, participate in a women’s bible study, make friends at the gym, church, MOPS, etc. When you surround yourself with awesome friends, you benefit from that and become more positive and “well” about yourself.
I feel that these four points are key to making your home a positive and loving place to be. And in return, you’re teaching your children what it’s like to have a positive home, which they will carry on when they are adults.


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