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If You Could Begin Your Marriage Again, What Would You Do Differently? Pt. 2

Adopt A Debt Free Way Of Life

If I had it to do all over again and could start my marriage from the beginning I would make better financial choices.

My husband and I came into our marriage with about $5,000 in debt which we could have easily paid off and been debt free but we had no idea of such a concept. We did what we thought most newlyweds do…we began planning to purchase a home. In the meantime we wanted to get a larger vehicle to accommodate our quickly growing family so traded in our fully paid for Honda Accord and financed a Mitsubishi Montero. After financing the truck my husband and I both received raises which did nothing but fuel our desire to spend.

We ate out quite often and loved to go out of town. In the first few years of marriage we will have purchased a new home, financed two cars and decided I wouldn’t work anymore. Shortly after becoming a stay at home mom I felt alone and overwhelmed with my husbands working so many always gone. I could cope with the seventy hour work week and felt like a single parent. I urged my husband to become self employed which was a very slow and expensive process. In the beginning their wasn’t enough income to support the lifestyle we had created and our finances where hemorrhaging faster than we could earn them.

Needless to say, with the debt we had stacked up, we were not prepared for one income living. We had dug a deep hole that I didn’t think we would make it out of. Over time we began to petition God to give us direction in hoe to manage our finances. During this time my husband began listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio while working. He would come home and try to regurgitate all of the information he had learned. I had not seen my husband get this excited about anything but football prior to this point. So I started listening to Dave on the internet because I couldn’t catch the station at home. He would listen while on the road working and I would listen at home. When he’d get home we’d discuss the conversation we’d heard earlier in the day. This was the beginning of our ascent out of debt.

That was five years ago. Today we have no consumer debts and are on the way to paying off our home. It’s been a long journey and we still have a ways to go. In the beginning of our marriage we were not good stewards over our money but today we have come to know what it means to manage our finances well.

If you had it to do over again, what would you do differently?

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6 thoughts on “If You Could Begin Your Marriage Again, What Would You Do Differently? Pt. 2

  1. Inger-Lisa says:

    If I had it to do over again, I’d make sure I found somebody truly on board with making changes to better our life. I now find myself having taken 2 budgeting classes and a parenting class with my husband and nothing has been learned.
    I’ve learned things but there are financial decisions that were made without me because my husband doesn’t like being told: not now. Not a good plan.
    I feel like I’m done because of it. If you have a better idea, I’m open. I’m to the point I need my own income to care for me and my kids. I’m using some of the sites to make income you’ve recommended but I haven’t made much yet.


  2. Oh, debt free would be near the top of the list. So much pain and heartache would have been averted. We only figured out that debt was bad after we were too deep into it to climb out on our own. I’d have also handled in-law issues differently.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Kimberly @ Adventures in Mothering,

    I too wish I’d have known back then what I now know about debt. I avoid it at all cost now and am laser beam focused on getting the rest of my mortgage paid off early. Life is less stressful when you’re not working day after day to pay off debt. When you are debt free everything you bring in can be used to sustain your family and build Gods Kingdom with your resources. It’s a great place to be and where God wants use to be.


  3. I would definitely go the debt free way. Now that my husband is unemployed we can’t believe how terrible we were with money and how much we just squandered away!!


  4. debt free would be one of them. but i made a huge mistake. i did not take our vows seriously and i even made the pastor take out the words “obey”. I regrett that and would do anything to be able to do it over again


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