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Join The Cada Cabeza Survey Panel and Earn $20 Today

Cada Cabeza in an online community that allows US Spanish speaking, Hispanic residents to share their thoughts with other Hispanic residents, plus earn money for completing online survey studies.

How to Earn Rewards with Cada Cabeza

  1. Get started by joining the Cada Cabeza Panel.
  2. After you register and login, go ahead and complete your 10 profile surveys in the members area. Each profile survey is worth 100 points. Once you reach 1000 points (after your first 10 profile surveys) you can redeem your points for a $20 check.
  3. Cada Cabeza surveys are worth between 100 to 200 points, depending on the length of the study.
  4. With Cada Cabeza Panel, you earn points for every survey, even if you don’t qualify. Each non-qualifying survey rewards you with 20 points.

Cada Cabeza has been around for 20 years according to the company website. I am not a member of this survey site, because I am not bilingual and the site is in Spanish. However, if you are and have experience with the company, please let us know how you like this company.

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2 thoughts on “Join The Cada Cabeza Survey Panel and Earn $20 Today

  1. You do not have to speak Spanish to join the website. Everything at the beginning is in English, but after you take your first survey they should change the site into Spanish. In the top right hand corner there is an option to toggle between Spanish and English. So you have to speak one of the two. I have been using this site for only three days but I have already accumulated 80 dollars. I love it because all the other survey sites require you to do all of this time consuming stuff and pay you little. Cadacabeza is very straight foreword and easy to use. Almost all the survey site I am a member of spam me non stop but Cadacabeza contacts me unless I need it too for some reason. Making your first 20$ is super simple, but it gets a little tricky after that. Good luck!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    Thanks for the heads up Zachary. Great job on earning so much so fast.


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