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Opinion Outpost Payday $10.30

Each month I try and post some great resources that have allowed me to earn a little extra cash. I talk to you about survey sites, bank offers and market research companies that will pay you just to do things you’d normally do.

All of the extra cash I make goes into separate accounts that I’ve created just for a specific savings goal. Eighty percent of my income is allotted for savings and tithes, and the remaining twenty percent is for CVS shopping and purchasing rebate items.

If you are trying to find extra money for investing, building a stock-pile or maybe a mini vacation, the resources I have on my Reward Programs page is a great starting point. All of the companies listed there will pay you for giving your opinion on products or services you already use. They even pay you to try new products which is awesome, because we all love FREE STUFF… RIGHT?

We’ll I know I told you that you can Get Paid to take Surveys! I even showed you how much time I spend each week participating in market research panels and how the point system works in this post. But I could be lying for all you know.

Although I know you guys believe me when I tell you there is money to made in survey taking, research panel and product testing, I’ll share a check or two with you for good measure.

Here is a checks I received yesterday from Opinion Outpost. After deducting tithes, that will be $9.27 more added to our debt reduction. YIPEE!!

To check out more of my recent Survey and Reward  Earnings CLICK HERE.

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