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Summer Survival Guide: Keeping Kids Busy On A Budget

Today I am sharing an article at GirlGoneMom.com and it’s packed with tips on how to keep kids busy during the summer. When the children are out of school it seems like the days get longer and the children’s energy levels go through the roof.

In an effort to keep my sanity during the summer, I plan budget friendly activities that allow the children to burn energy while I relax.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll read in my article;

I look forward to spending the summer months with my children because during that time we get to enjoy activities that we neglect during the school year. I won’t pretend to have you think that my children are always on their best behavior. Nor will I lead you to believe that things don’t get chaotic around here.

My children run up and down the hallway screaming and stomping several times a day. And since the start of the summer they’ve already broken a vase…

To read my article and more from the Summer Essentials series visit GirlGoneMom.com

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1 thought on “Summer Survival Guide: Keeping Kids Busy On A Budget

  1. Thanks for the link to the article! It’s also a good idea to keep kids learning all summer.


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