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Would You Live In An RV Versus a Traditional Home?

We have been considering the purchase of an RV for some time now and as we get closer to becoming debt free it’s seeming more and more like an attainable goal.

We love to travel and feel as though we would travel more if hotel accommodations weren’t such a hassle. When you have a family of six it often hard to find family suites, especially in New York City.

We started looking into RV’s and I ordered and FREE DVD from GORVing.com (affiliate). It included tons of information it answered many of the question we had about purchasing and maintaining an RV. While we are not considering living in an RV, we are planning to purchase one.

We are still tabulating the numbers on traditional vacationing versus RV vacationing. We’d like to spend a portion of the winter up North, but are wondering if we would stay warm in an RV during the winter.

If you already own an RV I’d love to hear your opinion. Do you use it during the cold months? Was a good investment? What were the pros and cons for you?

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