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DIY: Jewelry Organization

If you do not already know….I LOVE COUPONS!

There was a recent sale at Walgreens on 3M Command Adhesive hooks which were priced a $1.50 each and I just so happened to have 35 $1.50 off 3M Command product coupons. I did not expect to find 35 of them in the store but lo and behold, the store was fully stocked. I was able to score 35 various FREE hooks.

The hooks came at just the right time because I have been working on some home improvement projects and needed some additional hanging option in the bathrooms. So far I’ve made some changes in the bathroom which I will share in another post, but today I want to show you how I am reorganizing my costume jewelry using the 3M hooks.

Before this project I had some jewelry hanging over a bar in my closet. Having it in my closet is the ideal place for it because it provides easy access when trying to pair pieces with my clothing, but the earnings often fall when searching through the jewelery, plus everything is to packed together.

In addition to the jewelry I did manage to hang along the closet bar there is still a bag of unsorted and unopened things I don’t have a place for.

I decided to use the Command Mini Hooks which are able to hold up to 1/2 pound. They also would work great near the front door for keys as shown in the picture below.

I tried to line the hooks up as evenly as possible in a row on the inside of my closet door. I did not use a ruler or leveler…just eyeballed it.

This is what the project looks like so far. I still need to sort through the bag of stuff and get it hung up, but so far so good.

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21 thoughts on “DIY: Jewelry Organization

  1. Great Idea! Think I may have do do something like this!


  2. i found the post!! Jodi Bradshaw (facebook)


  3. Awesome job!!! i really need to do this.


  4. I love that you used the clear hooks for this. I love 3M hooks. They’re mildly addictive, and we rarely have any problems with them.


  5. Lisa Mulkey says:

    Awesome!! Thanks bunches, and great idea!


  6. great idea for organization!!! and I found the post..lol..yay!


  7. Sara Kohlmeier says:

    I found the post! Good job on organizing your jewelry!


  8. Jennifer Bedoya says:

    YAY found it! That is super cool! : )

    Using the Facebook…Twitter..and Pin it shares for extra entries!


    Jennifer Bedoya


  9. Great job! I am wanting to try some of the command hooks after orgjunkie’s post. Guess I should just take the plunge!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    You’ll love them. They hold just as promised. I haven’t tested out hos well they remove yet.


    Veggiemomof2 Reply:

    @The Proverbs Wife, Laura at OrgJunkie said they didn’t mess up her wall when she took them off for her move.


  10. Love it!! There is nothing worse than a mangled pile of necklaces when you’re in a hurry.

    I actually have an old ladder in the corner of my room. I painted it black, distressed it a bit, and then put a bunch of nails in it. I hang all my necklaces and bracelets on the nails. It’s functional and looks pretty cool too.

    Thanks for sharing!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Andrea @ Simple Organized Living,

    Especially when the necklaces and earnings are a mangled pile. I’m heading over to check out your recent post.


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