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Crochet Dishcloths: The Budget Friendly Alternative

Crochet Wristlet and Hair Bow | AProverbsWife.com

In today’s video blog I’ll share a quick tip regarding how I save money by making dishcloths at home. While needlework may not be your thing, I am  sure that you have a unique talent that can be used to save your family money. Take a look at the video and see how I use needlework to save money in my home.

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Crochet Wristlet and Hair Bow | AProverbsWife.com

Crochet Dishcloth (1) (468x311)

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21 thoughts on “Crochet Dishcloths: The Budget Friendly Alternative

  1. Jennifer Fierro says:

    Found it! Thank you for the giveaway!


  2. sara smith says:

    Yay! I found it! That was fun, thank you!!! ps, they are cute!!!


  3. Found it! What a great talent you have! I wish I could do something like that! Thank you for the opportunity!



  4. Lynn Tillis says:

    Found it!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!


  5. Ricki Winfrey says:

    Found it! Thanks for the giveaway! I wish I could crochet, my mom loves those crochet discloths, I would make her some!


  6. Found it! Chocheting takes talent. I never could get the hang it it. Will make nice Christmas gifts


  7. Tina Warre says:

    Found it too! I love these and need more. I need to practice crocheting again!


  8. Found It! These are cute and a great gift idea. Thanks!


  9. Tamma Borzotra says:

    Found it!!! You should think about selling them!!


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