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Food On The Table: Takes the Stress Out of Menu Planning

Food On the Table, the brainchild of Manuel Rosso out of Austin, Texas — is a website that creates weekly menus based on local grocery store sales.

Not only am I going to tell you the pros and cons of the site, but I’m also going to give one lucky reader a $25 gift card to your local grocery store courtesy of Food On the Table.

First, let me tell you that I am in love with Food On the Table concept. I used the Try it Free” plan that allowed me access to (3) dinner ideas, plus the use of the customizable shopping list feature.

Here are the highlights:

  • The site creates menu plans for you that can be customized.
  • You can choose the number of days worth of meals. (Premium service)
  • No more meals that your family doesn’t eat because you choose the meat to be included in your menus.
  • The grocery list and menu is based on the sales at your local grocery stores each week.
  • You are able to print your corresponding manufacturer coupons right from the site.
  • It’s fast and easy to use.

Here is what can be improved:

  • The site lacks a complete grocery store deal match ups database. At this point you’d still have to visit a deal site like mine to find out what other items are on sale at your local grocer.
  • The menus only includes the main dish and not side items. I would like to see the side dishes included based on the weekly sales ad.

The site offer a FREE option which gives you up to four meal ideas a week and a premium option which gives you a full week of meal ideas. The premium plan which is $9.95 a month and less than $6 on an annually a month annually, is a great alternative to planning your own menus.

Now for the giveaway:

I lucky reader will win a $25 gift card to the grocery store of their choice.

You can can get up to (2) entries by doing either one or both of the following. You must provide a valid email address with your comment. You will be contacted by email if you are our winner.

  • Leave a comment telling me whether you plan your menus in advance or daily.
  • Click here now to subscribe to get our FREE customizable Email updates or HERE to get our FREE RSS updates. Leave a comment with your email address and tell me how you subscribe. If you are already a subscriber just leave a comment with the email address you used to subscribe.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. The giveaway ends on September 21, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. EST. A winner will chosen randomly and contacted by email. After which you will have 48 hours to clam your prize by responding to my email or a another winner will be chosen.

Legal Stuff: I received compensation in-exchange-for-the-time-invested in researching this company and providing my opinion of the site. Your privacy is very important to me and your email address will not be compromised in any way. You can read my complete privacy policy, business and ethics disclosure here.

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23 thoughts on “Food On The Table: Takes the Stress Out of Menu Planning

  1. jennifer horn says:

    Like on Facebook.

  2. jennifer horn says:

    Try to plan at least a week ahead, but sometimes things get changed.

  3. I try to plan them a week in advance, but recently, I’ve just been winging it! I’m trying to do better!

  4. I always plan my meals a week in advance … That includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner … I leave a little fudge room for leftovers or the occasional night out … but for the most part every meal is planned. I post this on my fridge and it really helps with being so busy being able to know the plan for today and tomorrow at a glance!

  5. I try to plan my menus at least a week at a time. Sometimes I even get a month’s worth done at a time!

  6. Jeanette G says:

    I just found your blog. Actually came across your blog about your pantry (something I’m working on at the moment. So I went to facebook and liked you. Looking forward to your posts. 🙂

  7. Jeanette G says:

    I kinda do both. Some weeks I’m motivated and have a menu plan made out and some weeks I wing it. But we do keep a list on the fridge of ideas for dinner. If someone says, oh look mom, this recipe for .. potato soup .. looks great! Then it goes on the list, along with the book they saw it in and the page it was on. Makes life a little easier!

  8. I plan them weekly but not down to the day just 7 days of ideas so I can go to the store and buy

  9. Andrea Watts says:

    I liked you on facebook and left a comment

  10. Andrea Watts says:

    I plan them at the last minute.

  11. I struggle with meal planning. I’m a single mom and I like so many things; plus I grew up on casseroles. My sons are picky like their dad, won’t eat casseroles, stews, or anything that’s “mixed together.” If I cook a “different” meal from their usuals, they will eat the one bite required to taste everything, declare it “bleh,” and go hungry until breakfast if they have to.

    So…usually I just serve what they’ll eat (the healthiest possible versions!).

    Anyway–I “Like” u on facebook, signed up for a daily newsfeed, bought a couple of gift cards on restaurant.com and send 100 people your blog address. How’s that?


  12. Daily and liker

  13. Already a fan. I try and do a menu plan for a week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner(s).

  14. I don’t plan my meals. We make a decision at the store. I’ve wanted to plan our meals for a long time now, but am overwhelmed with getting started.

  15. “Liked” you on Facebook a long time ago!!!!


  16. I love that you can pick recipes based on which ingredients you already have at home, because I am not always organized enough to plan my meals before going to the store!

  17. Thanks for the review Saidah! We are working on adding more stores. Please email stores (at) foodonthetable.com if you have suggestions!

  18. Andrea Watts says:

    I don’t and I need to know how

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