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There Will Be No Inserts The 9/5 Sunday Newspaper

DO NOT purchase the newspaper this weekend if you purchase it solely for the coupons. Due the this being a holiday weekend there will be no inserts.

Use this time to purge your expired coupons and print off online coupons. There is a wide variety of online printable coupons at Coupons.com, and RedPlum.com.


1~ Look through the inserts Sunday by Sunday and begin clipping out only the coupons that are not expired.

2~ Make a pile for each insert.

3~ Keep each Sundays coupons together.

4~ On each pile place a sticky note with the name of the insert that the coupons came from and the date they were issued.

5~ Find an envelope and stick the unexpired coupons inside.

6~Place the envelope back into your accordion file in the appropriate section.

TIP: You can purge your Proctor & Gamble every month since 90% of the coupons in that insert expire after 30 days. Just clip out the few that haven’t expired.

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