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When Your Anger Is More Than Just Stress


Several years ago we (really my husband) thought that I might be bipolar. I thought I was normal because I handled stress that same way that my mother and aunt handled it by SCREAMING-AT-THE-TOP-OF-MY-LUNGS!

I really thought this was normal, but my husband didn’t in fact he had grown up in a home that didn’t involve much screaming. His parents internalized their anger so he wasn’t really used to lots of fussing and carrying on.

At that time that my yelling hit it’s breaking point was after we had our fourth child. My husband told me that he thought that I was crazy— as in have me committed CRAZY! He told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to call my physician.

I did.

And after 20 minutes of telling her my story and crying from an overwhelming sense of chaos stirring around inside my head, she said just what I needed to hear,” Honey, you just had three babies in four years. You are stressed out and it’s okay“.

So I didn’t have Bipolar, but she did prescribe Lexipro which I took for about a week. I loved the way it took me to my happy place but I quit taking it after a week and began praying for peace, patience, meekness and quiet a spirit.

I share this story because I want you to understand why I place certain ads on my site. the ad above is for FREE information regarding Bipolar Disorder. While I wasn’t considered Bipolar I did have experience with is being out of control. While the symptoms of stress can show up looking like Bipolar Disorder they are very different and both require some attention.

If you have or think you may have bipolar take a look at the FREE information being offered above. It’s completely FREE and your information is kept confidential.

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