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A Great Stockpile Begins with Coupons

To build a stockpile on a budget you will need to get your hands on a lot of coupons. Just be sure and use all of the resources available.


  • Internet Coupons which can be printed fromCoupons.com, Redplum and directly from manufacturer websites. When new internet coupons are released on the three major coupon sites, I post the list, like to one here. Each time new coupons are added I am notified and I then update the site.
  • Grocery chain coupon booklets. These are usually packed with manufacturer and store coupons.

The Sunday paper along with internet coupons will be your primary resource for acquiring coupons. Here are some tips to remember.

  • When printing internet coupons hit your browsers back button after printing each coupon. This will often allow you to print a second copy of the coupon.
  • The more insert that are in the Sunday newspaper the more newspapers you should buy. The opposite is true when there are less inserts…buy less papers.

Spend the next 4 weeks building a stockpile of coupons. Make sure that you focus on every resource I’ve mentioned and not just the Sunday inserts.

Okay Lovelies…in the next portion of this series I’ll  tell you how to fund a stockpile when there are no extra funds.

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