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Connecting With God…Regularly

Each morning, before I do anything else I must read my Bible. If I don’t it seems to get pushed by the wayside.

Is that the case for anyone else but me?

My Blackberry has been very helpful in making sure that I am able to read my Bible first thing in the morning. I have a handy eBible downloaded that I can easily read before the sun comes and up and the children start stirring.

Connecting with God first thing in the morning helps me to focus my mind on serving Him. I want my life to be a reflection of my desire to serve Him. I want that passion to come across in my interactions with my family and those outside of my home.

What happens if I don’t connect with God regularly?

I’ve learned through trial and error that whenever I neglect to cultivate my relationship with God it shows up in my attitude. I’m not as peaceful and am easily irritated. I find my days out of balance and my time stretched thin.

Connecting with God begins before the sun comes up and continues throughout my day. It starts with filling my mind with his word. It’s cultivated when I kneel beside my bed to pray. It continues as I talk with Him as I begin my daily chores.

This ongoing relationship is what gives me the ability to be patient as I homeschool my children. It is the indwelling of His Holy Spirit that guides me in deciding how to manage my time. It is by the grace and love that I am able to walk do all of the things life requires of me.

If you are having a hard time connecting with God regularly it’s going to take an on purpose decision from you to make a change. We are all busy women, wives and moms.  However, if you want to see God do some great things in your life you will have to make a greater commitment to Him. There is no substitute for our relationship with the Lord. I know, because I’ve tried it all.

I’m looking forward to an even greater commitment in my relationship with God and am excited about the great things He’s planning to do in me.

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4 thoughts on “Connecting With God…Regularly

  1. This is soo true. And now with a 4 month old my days are mixed up and its hard to get reading in when my eyes are closing but getting some done when baby is napping helps ALOT!!


  2. I agree with you! If I don’t make the effort to get this time in first, 99% of the time it doesn’t happen for that day. And it shows in everything else. However, the other end of the spectrum for me was feeling guilty and expecting God to “punish” me by making the day awry. LOL. Or feeling good about myself and expecting God to bless the day and make everything go smoothly as a result of my effort. Either case is works righteousness and it detracts from the relying on God’s grace alone in everything.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    That’s a good point Debi. When my children were very young this was extremely hard to achieve. Now that they are older, I have no excuse. It’s a challenge getting that time with God with all of the responsibilities we may have. I’ve found that when I make it a priority by planning out times and things I can do to get in prayer, Gods word etc. It seems to happen more often than not. Thanks for sharing Debi.


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