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Funding a Stockpile When There Are No Extra Funds

1. Make less expensive meals for a short period of time.

One of the things I did when I first began trying to reduce our expenses in the kitchen was to figure out the cost of each meal I prepared. Once I knew what I was spending I then decided what I could afford. And then went a little lower. Calculating your meal cost will take some time but it will be worth it. Begin cooking your least expensive meals more often. This will reduce your weekly grocery expenses, thus freeing up a few dollars a week to fund your stockpile.

2. Cook from scratch.

If you learn to make your own bread, snacks and convenience meals this will definitely reduce your weekly grocery budget. You can make pizza at home with only a few everyday pantry ingredients as well as recreate restaurant favorites.

3. Find ways to fund your Stockpile with ‘new money’.

– Earn money taking Surveys & Market Studies.
– Sell stuff on Ebay.
Earn Swagbucks and trade them for PayPal deposits.
EbatesShop At Home.
Monetize Your Blog.
-Open an Etsy or OpenSky shop.

Okay…in the next part in this series I will focus on how to decide how much you need and when to buy.

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