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Pre-Valentine’s Day Lingerie Deals

One of my favorite months of the year happens to be February.

It’s the month in which I was born. It’s the beginning of the new income tax season. There is Presidents Day and then theirs the day that my husband and I go all out for each other…….Valentines Day.

I enjoy all of the great deals on chocolate and lingerie (which means fine linen in French). If you don’t regularly buy lingerie, February is the month that provides us with the perfect excuse to buy something nice for ourselves (and our husbands).

During the month of February, utilitarian undergarment purchases are off limits for me. This is the time when I let loose and buy something that looks beautiful on me. I mean REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!

One of my favorite lingerie retailers is Fredericks of Hollywood because they have something for everyone. So from now until February 14th, I’ll be sharing any hot deals I find. I won’t post images, because I feel that some of the images can be a stumbling block for my male reader 🙂 and the images are just too revealing especially if you read my blog with your children in the room.

For instance, HERE is something I like and it’s marked down to $7.99, but it’s on back order until March 2011 🙁 Once you head over and check them out you’ll see why I won’t be posting any images. Nevertheless, I love buying beautiful things to wear. February is the month to find great deals on lingerie. So stay tuned 🙂

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