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Preparing for Christmas Gifting Year Round

The sooner you begin preparing for the holiday season the fewer burdens there will be on your finances.

Part of becoming debt free involves planning for foreseeable future expenses.

There is no reason to incur more debt trying to paying for Christmas gifts. Nor is there any reason to neglect your bills to fund Christmas.

Like Dave Ramsey says, “Christmas is not an emergency, it comes every year“. With that in mind, here are some ways to ensure that the gift giving season doesn’t catch you off guard.

1. Shop when prices are their lowest and especially from December 26th through January 4th.

2. Start saving money right away.

The easiest way to do this is to have a separates account specifically for gifts. This money can be drafted from your account weekly or monthly. It’s much easier to put away $5 – $10 a week rather than trying to come up with a couple of hundred or more each December.

3. Find ways to fund Christmas with ‘new money’.

– Earn money taking Surveys & Market Studies.
– Sell stuff on Ebay.
Earn Swagbucks and trade them for cash of gift cards.
Ebates, Shop At Home
Monetize Your Blog
-Open an Etsy or OpenSky shop.

4. Search out Free and Discounted Gifts.

Review products for companies and blog about them
-Enter giveaways
-Use your survey and reward earnings to nab FREE gift cards
-Discounted and Free photo gifts: Canvas People, Vista Print, HotPrints

5. Use your talents to make homemade gifts.

These can be some of the best gifts to give and receive. If you can do needlework handcrafted dishcloths, aprons, needle holders,  or shawls.

6. Use group buying sites to get gifts at reduced prices.

Sites like the one below allow you to join for FREE and get gift certificates for any store you can think of. Many of the certificates can be purchased for 50% to 80% off the regular price.

These are sites I highly recommend and I have used them to save money several times.

Living Social

7. Focus less on tangible gifts and more on the gift of salvation through Christ Jesus.

We’ve already received every gift we’ll ever need and if you really want to prepare year round tell your extended family that you’ve decided not to give gifts this year.

We did these two years in a row when first began paying off debt. We bought one inexpensive gift for each of our children and Christmas was no less joyful for any of us.

Preparing in advance for the gifting season is a joyful experience that allows you to GIVE to the people you love without any overwhelming financial burden.

What are some circumstances that have kept your from shopping year round for Christmas?

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3 thoughts on “Preparing for Christmas Gifting Year Round

  1. Great ideas on how to make buying Christmas gifts more affordable. I don’t usually buy things in advance unless it’s something sort of generic that most anyone would appreciate. I usually pick up some items on clearance for next years teachers, coaches, party hostesses, etc. Kids for example, change their wishlists too often so it’s hard to buy in advance for them. What they want now may not be as exciting when next Christmas rolls around. But I do use several survey sites, swagbucks, rebate sites etc. to earn giftcards and cash all year and the majority of those are stashed away for next Christmas. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my creative spirit when it comes to homemade gifts. I used to make things years ago but never seem to find the time to do this anymore.


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