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2011 Pantry Donations: 1 of 12 (January)

It’s a new year and my family has made a new commitment to give to our church food pantry for 12 months. Each week when I go grocery shopping I pick out a few sale items to buy that are donated at the end of each month.

In an effort to keep a record of our families donations this year, I’ve decided to document them here. It will be fun to look back and see how much the Lord was able to do through us and with the resources he blesses us with.

This month we donated…

11- 20 oz. cans of Spaghetti O’s $0.89 each x 11 = $9.79

2- 5 lb. bags of Uncle Ben’s rice $2.50 each = $5

4- Mt. Olive snack pickles $0.31 each = $1.24

4 pk. of  Strawberry Kiwi dietary tea = FREE after Walgreen’s Register Rewards

Proverbs 31:20
She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.

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4 thoughts on “2011 Pantry Donations: 1 of 12 (January)

  1. such a wonderful idea, and if it is just a habit it is easier to do.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    We give to several local causes but I want to be more consistent in taking inventory of what my family doesn’t need and getting it donated to to proper causes regularly. I find that I make piles of things to donate and then take 2-3 months to get it donated. I love to give, I just get lazy about the getting it there on my self imposed time line. I really want to stick to the once a month schedule and I hope these posts help. Hopefully someone who reads my blog will say something if I skip a month of pantry donation posts. 🙂


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