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11,000 in 2011

I have a goal that I want to share with you and I’m going to need your help to achieve it. My goal is to grow our A Proverbs Wife community both here on the blog and in social media. My goal is to reach 11,000 Facebook friends and 11,000 blog subscribers by the end of 2011.

Why this goal is important.

I believe there is a unique message shared here on APW and it’s one that all women should be hear. I also believe  that everything written in Proverbs 31:10-31 is applicable to our lives today and that each verse is attainable by every women, every where. The ability to manage finances and family is a universal blessing that is available for all women. The knowledge necessary to cultivate a holy relationship with your spouse, children and neighbors is for every women. Everything that the Proverb 31 women was….is who we are!!

If you read this blog, I know that you are already committed to learning and doing what’s necessary to be the women God called you to be. I sooo…appreciate each and every on of your for participating in this journey with me and only ask that you not leave out other women you know who could benefit from what you glean here. It’s so simple to share this site with others.

How to share this site.

The “Tweet” button allows you to share APW articles with your friends and followers on Twitter. It is already formatted to add your twitter handle, the title of the article and a shortened link to the article. It’s so simple to use but it’s an often overlooked way to share this site. You can find this button located in the upper right corner of every post and page.

Another way to share this site is on Facebook. It’s very simple to do. When you read something you like, once you reach the bottom of the article just click on the like button. A link to the post will show up on your Facebook wall. This feature gives your friends a chance to see what articles interest you and it’s not spammy because you are sharing your interest or “likes” on your personal Facebook wall.

I’ve also implemented the Simply Social bar, featured above, to make sharing easy. The social bar van be found at the bottom of each post. It allows you to do several things which I will list in order according to the location on the bar.

  • Print articles to add to a home management binder or hand out to others.
  • Share and recommend articles to friends and colleagues within your digg, stumble and delicious communities.
  • Share content on Facebook wall.
  • You can bookmark or save articles in your Google readers to share or read later.
  • The yellow star allows you to favorite the page in your tool bar or other location. Just don’t forget to share it too!! 😉
  • You can also share articles with friend and collegues on your linked in profile. (I’m Saidah Washington on Linkedin)
  • View, print or save articles in pdf. format.
  • Share on Technorati

The final feature and newest that I’d like to tell you about is on our Facebook page. It’s called the Facebook suggest this button. It’s the button in the image below to the right of the orange arrow.

Here’s how it works:

  • Look on the far left hand side for the “Suggest This” link.
  • The first step is to click “I Am A Fan”.
  • The next step is to click “Suggest To Friends”.
  • You can share with up to 8 friends per day.


Unfortunately…I’m not promoting a giveaway of any sort associated with this goal. I’m simply believing that God has and will direct the people to this site that He see’s fit. As he lays on each of your hearts to spread the word I want it to be out a a pure desire to help other women access the information on this site. So no need to beg your friends and fans to “like” or “follow” this site so that you both have a chance to win something. Those of you who are members of our APW community are already winning by becoming stronger believers, better financial stewards, wives and mothers. Thanks so much for your support. 🙂

Okay…APW community!! I’d love it if you’d help me get closer to my goal starting now. Choose one or all of the methods above to help someone you know get connected to this community.

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