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Bring Out the Best in Your Husband

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to please a husband. I often wonder if my husband is some exceptionally easy to please man. It seems he only truly needs three things from me to make him happy. The three prerequisites to his happiness can be the hardest to deliver or the easiest depending on how I am feeling at any given moment. But what if we took emotions out of the equation and no matter how I felt on a particular day, I would strive to deliver these three prerequisites which are Respect, Comeliness, and Spirit led parenting.

What would that look like in your home if you made it your priority to respect your husband in your choice of words and demeanor?  Would he be grumpier because you’ve made a habit to begin dressing up for him like when you first met? Or if you gave your earnest effort to parenting without losing your temper. Would he grimace to see your parenting seasoned with meekness, grace, long-suffering, mercy and love?

These are the things that can strengthen a marriage or cause it to crumble. While many are thinking about love in a superficial way, we as Proverbs Wives should be desirous to care for our husbands hearts.


A woman who chooses a lifestyle of continued reverence and submission towards her husband, is a women who understands the powerful impact of her role in the family.

Early in my marriage I thought love was about feelings but learned that love from a husbands perspective, has a lot less to do with feelings and more to do with actions. For many husbands love from a wife is demonstrated by R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Respecting husbands can be easy and beneficial. As a wife we should strive to build our husbands up with words and acts of encouragement. We should speak words to and about our husbands that inspire them to become better men. When we respect our husbands in the way that we speak to and about them they in return are able to feel safe with us.

As wives we must pray daily for the ability to be patient and temperate. It is often so easy  for some of us to become agitated and hostile. Which is why daily prayer is so important to the walk of a Christian women. We must daily pray that God will direct us in building up our husbands and surrendering our own shortcomings in prayer.


Looking good for our husbands is something that we often let fall by the wayside once the kids come along and life just get plain busy. I’ve done it and I’m sure many of you have done it.

How many of you snagged your husband while wearing stained sweat pants, uncombed hair and a holey t-shirt?

(crickets chirp-ping?!?)

This is exactly why comeliness is so important. Men are visual. This is why they struggle so much with pornography as a whole more than women. It is a desire that they have been given that can be used lawfully or unlawfully. The lawful use of this desire is between a husband and a wife.

As wives we are created to be the one lawful creation that our husbands can desire without guilt or shame. If we don’t find his desire important enough to nurture it in a healthy fashion, we are neglecting ourselves and our husbands.

A wise women who mentored me before I got married said, “Whatever you are too good to do for your husband another women is waiting willingly to do it for him.”  That statement stuck with me. Although I don’t get it right everyday that statement continues to motivate me to be the best wife I can for my husband. He’s just that special.

Looking good for our husbands is not as hard as we make it out to be, but it will take some effort. Now is as good a time as any to begin setting aside time to pamper yourself in preparation for your husbands arrival home from work. It shouldn’t have to be his birthday or your anniversary for him to see you look your best. You can pick one day out of the week or the month to devote some time to getting dressed up the way that you did when you were courting him.

Spirit-Led Parenting:

Finally, nothing brings out the best in my husband more than knowing that I am raising our children in the fear of the Lord.

When he talks about their accomplishments he always relates it back to me. He is always expresses thankfulness for the time I sacrifice homeschooling them and teaching them Gods word. He can be his best when he knows that his family (disciples) are doing their best. It just makes him light up.

He encourages me in my walk with Christs and helps me to understand Gods word so that I can minister to our children. He can go about his work day in peace knowing that I am making the raising of our children a priority. He can have a sense of peace knowing that I will support and reinforce what we believe to be true of Gods word at any cost.

Bringing out the best in my husband allows him to be his best for God. When I focus on using my talents to help him, I am enabling him to walk in his purpose as a believer, husband and father.

If you haven’t been doing everything you can to bring out the best in your husband, it’s okay. Today is a new day with a fresh clean slate. Make a commitment today to use your God given abilities to be his help meet and biggest cheerleader. Your marriage will be better for it.

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