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I’ve never told you all about Dollar Surveys before but my daughter is a member and she filled me in on the details.
For every survey you take and qualify for, you’ll earn $1.00 via PayPal!  You can take multiple surveys everyday and believe me…there is no shortage of surveys with this company!

Here’s how to get started:

Go here to join and enter your PayPal Email

Take a Survey Click "Take a Survey" and complete the entire survey.

Get Paid! Get $1.00 sent to your PayPal account within a week.

If you are looking to really supplement your income or make some extra cash, begin by taking a look at some of the other survey sites I recommend. You will need to be a member of at least 10 quality survey companies in order to earn $50 – $100 a month. If you are still unsure if there is any money to be made by taking surveys, read my post “Can I Really Make Money Taking Surveys“.

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