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My FREE Barnes & Noble Gift Card Paid Off!!

You may remember me telling about this sweet deal where you could nab a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card for FREE , with Groupon credit and Swagbucks? Well I want to report what I ordered. I used my B&N gift card to order The Scrambled States of America, Bananagrams and the book Tarantulas by Jason Cooper for our homeschool room.

Before ordering, I signed up for the Barnes and Noble Kids Club and received a coupon for 30% off one item. My total was $27.48  shipped. (shipping is free for orders over $25) I paid for  my order using my B&N $20 gift card and $7.48 out of pocket.

My final total out of pocket was $7.48 minus the $3.79 I earned in my Swagbucks account on this deal. So all in all I paid $3.69 for everything. If I was thinking straight I would should using my Shop at Home, Swagbucks, MyPoints or Ebates account to save a little more.

If you were wondering if deal sites really save money, the answer is “yes”. If you want to learn how to save the most money possible with deal sites, be sure to check back tomorrow or sign up for my email, twitter, facebook or RSS update and you’ll be notified when I publish the tutorial on how to use deal sites.

Did you have any luck with this deal? If so let me know how you did.

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