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1,600 Facebook Friends Giveaway

You guys have amazed me so much over the past three weeks. You have really been sharing this site like crazy and I A-P-P-R-E-C-I-A-T-E YOU!!

The A Proverbs Wife community Facebook page is almost at 1,400 ‘like’ thanks to you guys and I really feel like we can make it to 1,600 by the end of April. I believe it so much that I’ll be giving away something special when we do. Keep reading to learn more.

I also want you to know that we have grown by 103 Email and RSS subscribers over the last 20 days. WooHoo! 😀 I know that we can triple that number over the next 20 buy spreading the news about this site at least every time you visit or read us in your RSS or email newsletter.

How to share this site.

The “Tweet” button allows you to share APW articles with your friends and followers on Twitter. It is already formatted to add your twitter handle, the title of the article and a shortened link to the article. It’s so simple to use but it’s an often overlooked way to share this site. You can find this button located in the upper right corner of every post and page.

I’ve also implemented the Simply Social bar, featured above, to make sharing easy. The social bar van be found at the bottom of each post. It allows you to do several things which I will list in order according to the location on the bar.

  • Print articles to add to a home management binder or hand out to others.
  • Share and recommend articles to friends and colleagues within your digg, stumble and delicious communities.
  • You can bookmark or save articles in your Google readers to share or read later.
  • The yellow star allows you to favorite the page in your tool bar or other location. Just don’t forget to share it too!! 😉
  • You can also share articles with friend and collegues on your linked in profile. (I’m Saidah Washington on Linkedin)
  • View, print or save articles in pdf. format.
  • Share on Technorati

The final feature and newest that I’d like to tell you about is on our Facebook page. It’s called the Facebook ‘suggest this‘ button. It’s the button in the image below to the right of the orange arrow.

Here’s how it works:

  • Look on the far left hand side for the “Suggest This” link.
  • The first step is to click “I Am A Fan”.
  • The next step is to click “Suggest To Friends”.
  • You can share with up to 8 friends per day.


  • Look on the far left hand side of the page and scroll down until you see “Share” link.
  • Use that link to share with as many friends as you like.

Now for a giveaway.

Mandatory Entry: (Leave a comment here for your entry to count)

Join the APW Facebook community by liking the page .

Additional Entries: (Leave a comment for each entry)

1~ If you already follow us, just let us know… otherwise, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, RSS feed or Email. We have over 8 email topics you can subscribe to. You can get updates of everything we post or choose just the topics that interest you. 🙂

2~Tweet  the following:  “@ProverbsWife & @GiveawayBlogHop we love you” or share the following on your Facebook wall. Just type “@A Proverbs Wife & @Giveaway Blog Hop Extravaganza thank you for all you do”  for 1 entry each day (you can do this once each day).

3~Like our Giveaway Blog Hop Extravaganza page on Facebook. We have super giveaways planned for Mother’s Day beginning 4.26.11.

GIVEAWAY ends once we reach 1,600 ‘likes’ on Facebook.

This giveaway is sponsored by A Proverbs Wife. Click the following link to read my full disclosure.

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