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Best and Worst Dollar Store Buys (Vlog)

Hi ya’ll! I’ve challenged myself to make at least on video a month and this months topic is ‘Best and Worst Dollar Store Buy’.


Best Buys:

Puzzle books
Goodie Products (hair ties, etc.)
Brand name makeup
Tooth paste (note; these are not the ADA approved variety)
Tooth Brushes (note; these are not the ADA approved variety)
$.50 movie candy boxes
Household cleaning products
gift bags
Gift tissue
School items
Plastic storage bins
Easter basket filler items

Worst Buys:

Pet toys
Toys. My kids break them with in minutes.

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6 thoughts on “Best and Worst Dollar Store Buys (Vlog)

  1. Pamela, I’m glad somebody besides myself is addicted to office supplies! I just told my Staples mgr. that very thing when I saw him stocking at the recently remodeled store. I love going to office supplies stores as well as places like Target, Walmart, and The Container store, etc. If I worked there, I’d never take a paycheck home. Same way if I worked in a store’s linen’s and bedding dept.


  2. Thank You for the video about good buys at “the Dollar stores” I have one comment..regarding The Bible purchases there. A lot of the ministers now days don’t use the King James Version..we have two Pastors and each one prefers and uses a different version. I have at least 4 Bibles in a nightstand here..that were gifted to my DH and I when we were growing up and when we graduated from HS. I have one that is very sentimental to me but it was gifted to me for Christmas at age 7 by a wonderful neighbor who we lived across from her for over 50 some years. She and her husband took my Mother and I to Sunday School and Church for at least 15-18 years. This family is and was very special in our lives. It is now down to the one grandson and great grandson and they are still in my life although I don’t get to see them but every 3 or 5 years. I still keep in touch.

    What does one do with Bibles that are outdated? Is there an organization that will take them? I don’t want to leave the pages with any names or vital information in them..I will try to cut that out or tear it before giving them away. I hestitate to say I’ll cut these pages out because the paper is so thin to begin with and now it is brittle with age.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Betty819, I face the same issue. I still have and use my very first Bible. The torn and tapped pages from my little ones grabbing it when they were young. The marker marks. Those are memories. We were also given my husbands Moms Bible. The leather cover needs repair. I even bought this huge Family Bible from the flea market because it had the names and birth dates of someones family. I’m talking generation upon generations. All I could think was, “who got rid of this”. So, I’d be no help on what to do with old Bibles. We’re a KJV Bible family as well and the ones we get from the dollar store are KJV. 🙂


  3. Great idea of sharing good buys from Dollar Tree.
    The puzzles are gray quality. I bought Bible story ones and some Bible card games. Also love the craft section…glitter glue, clay, kits..great stuff. Not to mention I buy my Sunday paper there instead of $2 elsewhere


  4. Thank you so much for the heads up on the good buys. Ilove the puzzle ideas in the zip loc bags…and the Bible and chicken soup…I will be checking my local store. HAGD
    debi B


  5. Love this. One gift idea I like from Dollar Tree is the patterned file folders/notebook/sticky notes/pen combinations they carry. The folders rival the expensive –in most cases they are nicer. Tied together with a ribbon they make a fun gift for someone (like me!) who is addicted to office supplies.


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