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Meet Shanon from Stretching Pennies Saving Dollars

Today I’d like to welcome and introduce you to Shanon from Stretching Pennies Saving Dollars. Shanon has been blogging for a little over a year and has agreed to let us pick her brain.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I have a crazy, wonderful life with never a dull moment! I stay home with my three fantastic kids ages 6, 4, and 2 (and I work part time from home too). I was born and bred a Buckeye and will always be one at heart. Ironically I met the love of my life (whom I was lucky enough to marry) when I was 14, but we didn’t start dating until after college. We’ve survived graduate school, five out of state moves, buying houses, selling houses, renting our house because we couldn’t sell it, learned how to manage with three young kids and no family close by to lean on, and a job layoff two weeks before the birth of our third child. I enjoy finding ways to volunteer with my kids and am looking forward to volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house with my daughter when it opens in Charlotte this spring.

When did you start blogging? How did you get into blogging and why?

I originally started blogging a little over a year ago when I was living in MA. I got involved with the food pantry and decided to use my couponing knowledge to enlighten others as a way to increase donations to the food bank. We recently moved back to NC and I haven’t been able to find a local moneysaving blog, so I just launched one recently. I’m hoping to be able to reach out to the community with my blog and encourage others to use couponing to make donations to food pantry’s, schools, etc.

What is your blog about and why should people read it?

My blog is about learning how to save money in all areas of life while continuing to live well, give more and spend less.

What would you say inspires the content of your posts?

I have couponed since college and the longer I did it, the better I got at it. A lot of people ask me questions and are interested in learning how to do it. They often get intimidated though because they think it takes too much time. I’m here to hopefully show them that you can do it without too much time or effort.

A lot of people are interested in blogging for money, what are some tips for people who would like to make money from blogging? What are some realistic expectations?

I haven’t been in it long enough to actually make any money, but I would say to start small. Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will your blog. Do what you can do with the resources you have and trust that with persistance and dilegence you’ll get where you want to be in time. That’s the philosophy I’m using.

Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post. Name yours and why?

Right now the most time consuming have to be the grocery stores that I don’t shop at, but will be doing coupon matchups for. I’m really dreading that :-(, but realize that not everyone like to shop or can shop where I do!

Thanks so much Shanon for letting us get to know you.

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