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Choices: Getting Up Early

God gives us choices everyday. We have the freedom to choose what we will eat, wear, watch and read. We get can choose how to spend our time and what to say. God has given us more liberty than we can ask for yet we often use it so unwisely.

I thinks most of our carelessness comes from a lack of desire to research our choices and their consequences.
For instance, as Proverbs Wives we can choose whether to start our day before the sun comes up or to sleep in. This is a choice. But do we really look at the consequences and benefits of each choice. What are the benefits of rising early? What are the benefits of sleeping in late?

I’ve weighed them both and have chosen to get up before the sun. I’ve searched the scripture to know and understand why God included this as an option for PW’s. I’ve examined the results of sleeping and those of rising early. As for me, I have made my choice.

We have choices to make in every arena of our lives. It is with wisdom, knowledge and understanding that we will be able to make wise decisions.

I love serving a God that gives me all the information I need to make the right choices.

Okay APW community, what choices have you made that you are proud of or that you regret?

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