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Tools For Tracking Your Blog Income

Step 6 of my 12 steps to earning money through your blog is ‘Decide on a system for tracking income.’ Whether you earn money through a blog or another business, this is often easier said then done. Many small business owners are confused by complicated accounting solutions, or are trying to manage their finances with spreadsheets.

Some of you may have tried tracking your expenses via pen and paper, excel, down loadable spread sheets but have not found a solution that has been easy to understand, yet also able to meet your total accounting needs.

I had the same problem until I began using Outright.com to track my income back  in 2009.

Outright.com - Free Yourself from Accounting

At the time I was looking for a system that would allow me to do the following things;

  • enter my income and expenses quickly.
  • auto-populate payor information to save me time from retyping previous information.
  • allow me to print and create monthly pie charts and graphs based on profits, expenses, estimated taxes and more.
  • categorized transactions for easy to understand financial charts and reports.
  • provide organized income and expenses documents for tax time.
  • provide month by month estimation of taxes due

Outright is so user friendly and I highly recommend them for anyone. Outright.com is FREE to try for the first 30 days and then just $9.95 a month there after.  There is no obligation to keep using it, but I’m sure that you’ll love it as much as I do. Outright is budget friendly and great for bloggers and small business owners.

You can learn more about Outright.com by clicking HERE. If you decide to try it out, let me know how you like it.

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