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7/20 Dash 4 Cash & Prizes Winners!!



Thanks you all who joined in on last nights Dash 4 Cash and Prizes on our Facebook page. I hope you all had as much fun entering as I did hosting it. Please join us for next week’s dash for cash event.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and get my FREE email or RSS updates to be notified of the date and time. — The prizes will be even better next week!!

Below you’ll find the names of the winners. I’ve only included partial e-mail addresses for privacy reasons. I have each participating blog listed, with a winner next to their name. Winners will hear from the blog whose name is next to theirs.

Winners will have 48 hours to respond to the blog’s e-mail (once it’s received), to claim their prize.

  1. Melissa’s Bargains: Andrea Williams andrea*****@hotmail.com
  2. Free Samples 2 Fill Up Your Mailbox: Kyra C Kyra****@nc.rr.com
  3. Mom On Dealz: Sarah Bennett scor*****@yahoo.com
  4. I Save A2Z: Johannah Brookwell 1pri*****@gmail.com
  5. The Tween and Me: Cathy LeMond lem****@gmail.com
  6. This Mama Loves Her Bargains: Melissa Florke cou*****@gmail.com
  7. Luxury Living Frugal Style: Maria Matties Decker dec****@yahoo.com
  8. Slick Housewives: Cathy Fowler cat******@gmail.com
  9. The Frugal Free Gal: Jennifer Deaton jen*****@hotmail.com
  10. Clever Housewife: Cheryl Abdelnour cj******@hotmail.com
  11. Deals From Ms Do: Katie Givens kat*****@yahoo.com
  12. Couponing with Martha: Alice Lee yuu******@gmail.com
  13. Nearly Nothing: Alice Lee yuu*****@gmail.com
  14. Mamas Spot: Kara Willemsen ma***@aol.com
  15. Heavenly Savings: Brandi bra****@yahoo.com
  16. Madame Deals: Heather McCurdy hea****@gmail.com
  17. 20 Something Saver: Laura Avery lav***@yahoo.com
  18. Mommy’s Coupon Train: Shannon Link lin****@yahoo.com
  19. Slop Swap: Carolyn Pacilio cgp****@windstream.net
  20. Crunchy Frugalista: Dawn Lautzenheiser Brown tup*****@yahoo.com
  21. Crazy About Deals: Michelle Spayde spa****@gmail.com
  22. Saving Myself Silly: Stephanie Schneider mrs*****@gmail
  23. Mama’s Money Tree: Sam Kelley sam****@gmail.com
  24. Money Savvy Michelle: Christie Brooks chr****@aol.net
  25. Nifty Thrifty Savings: Katrice James mis****@gmail.com
  26. Living on Love and Cents: Linda Boyd eve*****@gmail.com
  27. Giveaway-Blogdom: Amanda Rudick Austin aus****@hotmail.com
  28. Must Love Coupons: Susan Cagle sus*****@hotmail.com
  29. Frugal Mom Rocks: Cheryl Abdelnour cja*****@hotmail.com
  30. Thrifty Wifey: Rebekah Lambert bek****@yahoo.com
  31. Wishful Thinking 24/7: Robyn Huffman Rob****@adventuresnabbyland
  32. Deal Hunting Diva: Beth Titus bti****@frontier.com
  33. Bargain Blessings: Crystal Epperson epp*****@yahoo.com
  34. Couponin on Coffee: Sarah Johnson sar****@gmail.com
  35. Inspiring U 2 Save: Annmarie Sapp ame****@gmail.com
  36. Here’s the Deal: Michelle Greene mgr****@hotmail.com
  37. Captain Coupon: Sara Kohlmeier: sik****@gmail.com
  38. Smart Shopping Ladies: Amanda Speer man****@yahoo.com
  39. Saving By Design: Libby Perrigan drh****@aol.com
  40. My Coupon Lady: Laura Avery lav****@yahoo.com
  41. Chi-Town Cheapskate: Iranda Phillips acp*****@live.com
  42. Keeping Cents: Amanda Speer man****@yahoo.com
  43. Frugally Thrifty: Tsilos Schoener tsb****@yahoo.com
  44. Coupons are Great: Deborah Poland Brewer ros****@aol.com
  45. Family Friendly Frugality: Kerri Parini kpa****@aol.com
  46. A Proverbs Wife: Jennifer North jmn****@yahoo.com


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