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Amazon: Nintendo DS Lite $95.95 + FREE Shipping!!

Are your kids driving you nuts?? Not mine. They are staying busy with the help of modern technology. I’ve signed up for some great educational learning websites which keeps my kids busy throughout the day and all three of the youngest kids have a DS Lite by Nintendo courtesy of their Grandma & Grandpa. We weren’t able to nab a deal but if you need a something fun and productive to occupy their time, check out this whopping deal.

Amazon had the DS Lite by Nintendo for $95.95!! Please don’t forget a game or two to go with it or you’ll have a sad camper like I did. I thought it would’ve come with a game but it didn’t.

New Super Mario Bros

Mario Kart DS

Super Mario 64 DS

Mario Party DS

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Brain Age

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(Thanks Madame Deals)

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