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Guess what today is? Yep…it’s Friday.

Not just any Friday, but MEGA SWAGBUCKS FRIDAY.

Today is the day when your chances of snagging high value Swagbucks qua – dru – ple.


You’ve never heard of Swagbucks?

Then you’d better READ THIS first and then come back.

I’ll wait.


Okay…so now that you are more familiar with Swagbucks let’s get you started so that you can earn cash end prizes EVERY MONTH too.

Swagbucks is Free to join, just HEAD OVER HERE to get started. When you join today you will get 30 swag bucks to get you started. You only need 450 to get a $5 Amazon gift card and you can easily accumulate that in a months time. In fact, you can quadruple that in a months time and earn $25 in FREE Amazon cash every month or other FREE STUFF.

With Swagbucks you can use your swag bucks to pay for things you want or need monthly or hoard them to redeem for bigger items.

Swagbucks NEVER expire.

Now that your signed up, just follow the directions at the end of this article to increase your chances of nabbing more swag bucks today.

Remember, it’s Mega Swagbucks Friday which¬† = more chances to win!!

That’s it!

You’re now a member of one of the best reward companies on the web.


How many of you are already members of Swagbucks? Did you know that you can friend me on Swagbucks? My Swagbucks name is …..The Proverbs Wife

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