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**FREE** Nail Shields + FREE Shipping Too!!

Today’s Savemore deal will get you a FREE  up to $6 pair of nail shields from Fabulous Nails.

How To Get It FREE!!

1. Head over to SaveMore.com and open a new account the get a FREE $10 credit. (F.Y.I. Please do not create duplicate account from a single IP address just to get another credit if you’ve already gotten it. SaveMore will delete it)

2. Click on the green “BUY” button to use your $10 credit toward today’s deal. (You’ll have $4 left over for a future deal)

Your nail shield will be FREE with the $10 credit. Existing members can log in here and get this deal for $6 + FREE Shipping. I already bought a few of these and have given them away in the weekly Dash 4 Cash & Prizes events and have some for stocking stuffers.


  • Easy-to-apply nail shields
  • Last up to 2 weeks on fingers
  • Last up to 6 weeks on toes
  • 40 different designs & colors
  • Includes FREE shipping!


Expires August 1, 2012. Free shipping included. Limit five for yourself and as gifts.

You can also choose to save your FREE $10 credit to use toward a future deal or another deal on SaveMore if this is not your sup of tea.

NOTE: These deals are real!! Here’s my FREE Jamberry Nail Shields from the previous SaveMore deal.

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3 thoughts on “**FREE** Nail Shields + FREE Shipping Too!!

  1. Credit Card Number required to complete this offer


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Hey Lynn,

    SaveMore does ask for it but does not charge you. I’ve ordered with them 3 times and have spoken with the owners via email. They ask for it so that it will be saved in your cookies in the event that when you come back, you won’t have to enter it again. Thus making it more likely for you to shop with them again. It’s a repeat sales ploy in a sense but you do not get charged if the item is FREE with your credit. All that being said, it’s your personal financial information at risk so make the decision that is best for you. 😀 I hope this helps and explains a little bit about why some companies require it even when the item is FREE.


    Lynn Reply:

    @The Proverbs Wife,
    I appreciate the explanation; however for many individuals this may not be an option…especially in a “difficult economy” providing a credit card number is not a viable choice. Thank you for answering the question.


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