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Order “The Official A Proverbs Wife Guide: How To Get Organized in 24 Hours” – Just $12.99

How to Get Organized in 24 Hours is hands on approach to an organized lifestyle that goes beyond the external roadblocks of organization and takes a look at the on the heart issues required for an organized way of living. It will help you become better organized by first focusing on the ideas and habits that are preventing them from being organized.

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  • It is designed to challenge you.
  • It is designed to encourage you.
  • It is designed to inspire you.
  • It is meant to help you create and organized way of life.

Some of the topics and principles covered in the book will help you:

  • Understand why you haven’t been able to get organized.
  • Learn vital tools about organization that will help you put together a customized organized plan for yourself or others.
  • Find greater simplicity in your daily activities by focusing on specific tasks.
  • Be intentional about delegating task to others without the feeling of guilt.


How to Get Organized in 24 Hours is a practical guide that helps a reader stop and focus on what is preventing them from living an organized lifestyle, it’s a heart matter. As an unorganized person myself I took the challenge to get organized by following Mrs. Washington’s simple steps and truly focusing on my own lifestyle. I learned that I personally was creating my own disorganization which was creating a lot of stress on my family. — MomSaving.com

I have it and love it!!! I won it thru a contest and have been so blessed!!! I can not say thank you thank you thank you enough!!!Juanita Rodrigue Snodgrass

First of all, the length of the book is perfect. It has plenty of content but it’s not so long that you feel like you could have used that time getting organized. Second, How to Get Organized in 24 Hours, actually walks you though the steps to get organized. You work while you read! By the time you finish going through the workbook you are organized, you have a plan in place, and you know exactly what to do next. — idreamofclean.net

How to Get Organized in 24 Hours, has given me a new outlook on how to truly accomplish some organization in my life. The advice isn’t just for paperwork or for a part of the house. It can be implemented for any goal, whether household or not, that you’ve wanted to achieve.ThisMomsDelight.com



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