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Vindale Research – Test Full Sized Products & Earn Extra Money

I just wanted to share some of the new perks offered through Vindale Research. Not only can you earn money for taking surveys, but you can also earn when you participate in their online community.

Members earn between $5 and $75 for every qualifying survey. The average survey amount is $5 unless you qualify for a focus group. Focus groups usually run anywhere from 30 minutes to logging in a few time over a certain period of time, but they pay more.

It’s FREE to join and you will get full sized products to review from time to time. The last product I reviewed was TWO full sized bottles of laundry detergent.

Here are some of the other ways you can beef up your earning potential. Vindale Research has started hosting online contest in their social media communities.

Vindale Research cash contests:

$2 Twitter Tuesdays – Every Tuesday, a random Twitter follower will win $2.
$1 comment contests – This is hosted on their Facebook page.
$0.50 Twitter – They’ll ask a weekly question & randomly give $0.50 to 5 people who reply on Twitter.
$0.50 Facebook – Once a day (Monday- Friday), they’ll give $0.50 to 20 members who respond to the daily question

If you’re ready to try Vindale Research, just click here to join.


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