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*FREE* After Rebate Lands End Items + FREE Shipping!!

If you’re not already a member of Shop At Home and Ebates my two favorite money saving sites, sign up now. Signing up for your FREE account now will ensure that you are ready to snag any future e-rebate eligible deals. If you shop online and are not using FREE e-rebate sites, you are throwing away money.

Both sites I mentioned above award you a FREE $5 refund after making your first qualifying online purchase through their site but right now, Ebates is offer a FREE $10 gift card to several retailers. Not only do they reward you for making your first purchase, they reward you with cash back on all purchases you make through their site to qualifying retailers.

I am waiting on a check for $68 from Ebates all because, I used their site when making purchases. I have another big check coming from Shop At Home soon too. It’s easy to save money and get paid for your purchases. For instance, my dryer died this week so instead of shopping at the brick and mortar Lowes, I ordered online for the same in store price plus I earned 3% cash back on my purchase. It’s easy to sign up and a great way to save money.

Today you should check out the clearance section at LandsEnd.com where you can nab some great deals on back 2 school items for the kids. They have belts, hats, shirts, tee shirts, dress shirts and shoes priced $1.99 and up.

The items above can be found by searching the Lands End Clearance section and any (1) item that you buy under $5 will be FREE after your $5 Shop At Home refund or $5 plus a FREE $10 gift card from Ebates. Get FREE Shipping with the coupon code coupon code SUNSHINE and pin # 7280 or PREFALL and pin# 8325 at checkout.

Sign up for Ebates and get a $5 rebate or $10 gift card bonus for your first qualifying purchase or join Shop At Home and get a $5 refund on your first purchase.

The $5 rebate will make any item(s) priced at $5 or less virtually FREE.

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