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**FREE** Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder!!

I just spotted a $1.00 off any JOHNSON’S Baby Powder coupon which may or may not exclude travel size. If travel size is not excluded, these are usually $0.99 at CVS. Use the $1 off coupon and nab one for FREE!!


*Note* I have been having issues locating this coupon on Coupons.com although it shows as active on the coupons.com widget on my sidebar. If you find it, let us know what zip code it’s under.

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3 thoughts on “**FREE** Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder!!

  1. jari wietfeldt says:

    I have found it several time, but it excludes 1 to 9oz so no travel grrr


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @jari wietfeldt,

    Awww man.. I was holding out hope. Thanks so much for the update Jari. I still can only see it on my sidebar but not on coupons.com. Maybe it’ll show up for me later. I have a feeling this will be on sale soon. 🙂


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