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Welcome New A Proverbs Wife Readers – Let’s Get Paid in September!!

I’d like to welcome all of our new readers from yesterdays Dash 4 Cash & Prizes giveaway. While you are here checking out my blog, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite past times and ways to earn extra money. I began taking surveys and participating in market studies back in 2008 and have made $50 – $200 every month. While I don’t take as many as I used too (I no longer have the time), I do still recommend my favorites as a reliable resource for earning extra money.

If you are new to taking surveys you may want to begin by reading “Can I Really Make Money Taking Surveys“. It will take you down a rabbit hole of past articles I’ve written along with pictures of checks I’ve received and how to make the most of taking surveys.

Today I want to introduce both my new and existing Proverbs Wives to a company called Survey Spot.

Survey Spot is currently recruiting new survey takers willing to test products and provide opinions some of the products you already use. With Survey Spot, you participate in online research studies that match your interests and demographics. You are compensated for the surveys you qualify for and always get a chance to earn prize draw entries when you participate in a survey.

Taking surveys is an easy way to earn quite a bit of extra money every month and it’s easy to join. Just fill out the short form here to get started.

Already a member of Survey Spot but looking for more money earning opportunities? Check out the top 11 survey companies I recommend for 2011.




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