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Finding Your Perfect Blog Schedule

One of the hardest things you will do as a blogger is to determine how much time you will devote to blogging. This will be especially challenging for you if you are not an employee for someone else. If you’re anything like me you blog because writing is your passion and you glean a sense of satisfaction from helping people. However, your love for writing coupled with your great desire to help others can be a detriment to your blogging schedule if not kept in check.

The devil can turn any good thing into a bad thing in a blink of an eye. At first, blogging may have been a hobby for some of you and then you learned that you could help people and make a little money too. Later, you found that if you tweaked your SEO here and posted more times a week there, that your readership would grow. Next, you read somewhere about how having a social media presence would help you connect with your favorite companies. And so you added tweeting and Facebook status updates to blogging schedule, all in the name of building a better blog. But what many bloggers don’t talk about is the “burnout” that comes with not having a formulated blog schedule.

Whether you earn money from your blog or not, maintaining it can become a time suck…if you let it. Today I will share some guidelines that I use to make sure that my blog continues to be a source of joy for me to manage and a tool in which God uses me to be a help meet to my family and a blessing to my APW community readers.

1. Don’t skip sleep to write.

One of the worst things you can do in order to manage your blog is to stay up late or wake up early just to write. If your family and your life is important to you it doesn’t make sense to pump yourself up with coffee just to keep up with some unrealistic blogging deadline. Unless you are dependent upon your blog for a full time income, you shouldn’t work as if it is a full time job. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night even if it means cutting back on the number of post you publish each week.

2. Do pray about your blog, your schedule and your readers daily.

Being an entrepreneur, is hard and being a self employed blogger is even harder. There is a great temptation of “money” and “status” in the blog community. As you here about the perceived successes of other bloggers you may begin to feel jealous. You may feel as though you need to do what they are doing or to change your writing style to be more like theirs. If these lusts are not monitored, you can easily lose focus of what your blogs purpose. Something that M.Farouk Radwan said that stuck with me is this, “Blogging is not like the lottery, nor is it close to gambling. It’s the art of building with small bricks, and being patient to wait until the building is finally completed.” You will not be successful by placing your bets on fitting into someone else’s mold. You have to hone in on your particular talents and use those to promote the “YOU” that God created. The only way I know how to use what God has created is by consulting with the Creator. God knows you better than you know yourself so it only makes sense to constantly seek His direction regarding your blog, your schedule and your readers.

What are your tips for making a blog schedule?

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  1. Very helpful post! Definitely have to make sure you get proper sleep, I am guilty of that one.


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